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in the retail network
It depends only on you
who and when you will become!
Our employees got into the Russian Book of Records for participating in an internal flash mob. Yes, it was we who traveled 34,000 kilometers in a day, circumnavigated the globe 49 times, and planted a tree for each
You develop your knowledge in a certain area (product, technology, process, etc.). With this knowledge, you become an expert in your field. You can become a Sales Expert, Master Expert or PRO Expert.
You are responsible not only for yourself and your results, but for the whole team. You become their manager and leader for them, help them achieve results and develop them. You can become a Store Manager or a Branch Manager.
You take responsibility for the implementation of a specific company project. For example, the development of online sales, customer service, product distribution, etc. Within the framework of projects, you will work with colleagues from different departments of the company for the successful implementation of the project. You can become an OMNI manager or a project manager.
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